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My name is Kathy Prudhomme Baldridge, I was Born and raised in Mobile and love my city.  My passion is sewing and I love sharing my knowledge of the art  with individuals of all ages!  I began sewing with my grandmother at the age of 7. Little did I know that one day I would be teaching this lost art to so many. Before I began teaching I spent my time creating and  designing a children’s clothing line formerly know as "Victory's Kids." When I made the decision to start a sewing school. I started attending different conferences and classes all over the United States under Martha Pullen. I now have 3 different sewing teacher certifications in sewing under Martha Pullen’s Education Program. I began teaching students on my own in 2012 and have been blessed ever since. I have been featured on News 5 With Devon Walsh and have worked along side Mobile Museum Of Art as one of their feature teachers during the Art Blast Summer Camping Program.

My Work!

I take pride in the art of sewing and love making one of a kind unique outfits for spacial occasion such as first communication, newborn pictures, baby dedication and more! 

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